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Save Me (The Back Road to Euphoria)

from There's No Place Like Nowhere by Matt DeMello



Save Me (The Back Road to Euphoria)

Dancing in a cadence under constant surveillance, Gabriella says, “Close your eyes and count to three.”

With a look of diagnosis searching for a comatosis, all the bridesmaids say she only has eyes for me.

I asked if she was sober and she gave me one look over, and said, “If so, I won’t make it home alive. So let’s abandon these traditions and parental supervisions and make our way to a beach-front starry night. ‘Cause happiness is a decision that’s arrived at through the discipline of one’s inner thoughts and sensibilities. It’s never in what happens, it’s if I decide to snap and let my highest hopes get the very best out of me.”

“So save me,” she says, “all your sympathies. I don’t need no god damn diamond ring to prove the back road to Euphoria’s one I know.”

Fast forward two years later I am working as a waiter in a little Manhattan cafe and restaurant, when a familiar face came to visit me and making her way to Table 3 asking if the truth is what I want. And to this dodgy question I replied with the suggestion I am unprepared for responsibility, “of one handsome little toddler, with two eyes just like his father—no bastard child could make a parent out of me.”

“So save me,” I said, “all your pleasantries. All I need is to live on presently to prove the back road to Euphoria’s one I know.”

I think I need some good advice.

Every time I drive up 95 and make it to Point B alive, I thank my lucky stars and four watchful eyes. 'Cause if anything in that night was meaningful it was witnessed by the ceiling full of unanswered hopes watching us from the skies.

And I don't know what I'd say if I saw her again, but the only thing that I want less than a child is a friend who thinks the back road to Euphoria's some dead end.


from There's No Place Like Nowhere, released November 19, 2014


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