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Cassandra Abandoned, I & II [Marion's Version]

by Matt DeMello

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Sophisticated Schizophrenic Records & Publishing Aw, shucks. Thanks for the liner note love, you sweet motherfucker. Had to jump to 4'33" to compare arrangements. The sinus congestion makes for an interesting texture.

Needs a lyric sheet. Otherwise epic.

The rest of you, buy the fuckin' catalog. It's worth the price.

JMS Favorite track: Ultimate Bounty, No. 1: Headvoices; Sections A-E (ft. DJ Craig Finn-Manuel, Comic Sans Timberian Orch., & Davis Fillmore) [T007 Many N0tes Version 2.0] - Panning corrected, ed..
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nofatclips 1st listen: A spectacular one-man cabaret show which defies any attempt at classification, partialization and imitation. Favorite track: Ultimate Bounty, No. 1: Headvoices; Sections A-E (ft. DJ Craig Finn-Manuel, Comic Sans Timberian Orch., & Davis Fillmore) [T007 Many N0tes Version 2.0] - Panning corrected, ed..
Time now for a tale a thousand years old, But still not quite the one you've been told, So children gather round to hear it told the right way! Christmas Eve a dark and stormy night, Santa and his reindeer cannot fly, Without the help of someone, But Rudolf wasn't her name ... Look at who was not looking For noses that are not brown. Now look what your forecast's cooking, A black cloud is coming to town... The reason you're all milk & cookies and never a thorny crown is it doesn't matter which Dr. Seuss sits on the shelf when the gospel says "Fend for yourself" everywhere else. Cry of Cassandra in the night, knowing two wrongs can't make it right. Now I wasn't born here to comfort or cajole, just ask why the entire north pole never told you so. Cry of Cassandra in the night, knowing that something can't be right. When the lesson with any learning curve is the same one as getting what you deserve, and takes as many times as it takes to learn: There's no prize in the race for first, worth the fire that makes us thirst, for the garbage we're convinced we need the most. And in the words of the holiest ghost, "Life's just a crossword for the blind: You're not supposed to get it right, or even try; 'cuz money might buy you love but it can't buy us time"
A. On Public Transportation There are ways of getting to the other side of the line dotted, or dial tone It's only important to remember where you're going, to help keep up with the parade of options available - in pink screens and black-scrawl unchecked and unvaporized, unquestioning of the will of the masses; to go forward sufficiently groomed wonder in the interim, whethered or not -- whethered or not that we met the parade in the total agreement B. Hic Sunt Dracones, I. Sirens in the Woods (instrumental) C. Hic Sunt Dracones, II. 1 Thing (I Guess it All Depends...) There's just one thing that I can't get over And that's the chip taken from my shoulder How every Christmas I get one year older Yet the need to see you only gets colder And if you still think offense is the only best defense, Like however lightning strikes, I guess it all depends. Like how you catch the light, or ships sail at night, Like however lightning strikes, I guess it all depends. And it can't be -- that the way we used to see each other was a sheen Of candid conversations and midnight starbucks offers just to meet But the light of day is never actually what they see never what they see-- aaaaaaaaaand just like any magic trick it's a flick of the wrist And to everyone who doubted -- watch this suck session plot twist Can’t y’all even tell that we’re hanging off the precipice Fuck your gold and frankensence When it's whiter than a picket fence Greatness is synonymous with nothing in the present tense From Mein Kempf to Common Sense Here it is, ladies and gents If offense is still the best defense Are we still friends? Guess it depends... And if you still think the means can justify the ends, Like a needle through a camel's eye, I guess it all depends. Like how ships pray for lightning just to bide the night, Like stringing christmas lights, I guess it all depends D. Hic Sunt Dracones III. Escapist's Finale/Safe Enough This was the noblest Reindeer of them all: All the conspirators save only she Did that they did in envy of great Santa; She only, in a general honest thought And common good to all, made one of them. Hers was a gentle life and the elements So mix'd in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world 'This was a man!' But this was NO man... Safe enough, are you safe enough? Safe enough, are you safe enough? E. A Cry of Cassandra Cry, cry of Cassandra in the night Cry of Cassandra in the night Cry of Cassandra...
It must suck being you when you spit up more than you could hope to chew. And I guess you could say it goes to show that you should have listened when I told you so. You can't be blamed for a life lived as a leach, yours was always a pond too small to not shit where you eat. You play that victim card like a bitch trapped in a cage, But the thing about dogs is how well they age with grace... And I'd rather drown than be like you And come so short of all I dreamed to do -- But at least from over here, I can't say I hate the view? No, I can't hate the view...
Strike Fear 02:52
I strike fear in the ones I love Just to see the kind of stuff they are made of I strike fear in the hearts of friends And if you're not careful I might do it again I strike fear in my enemies When they refuse to do exactly as I please I strike fear in the heart of destiny And exacerbate the effects of my social entropy I try to hold tight, yes I try to hold tight to the goodwill I have spent I break bread with strangers lost You never know what a worthwhile ally costs I break bread for the government Cuz a dollar wasted is as good as a dollar spent I take time to investigate The time it takes to reach a thousand centigrade I strike fear in my enemies When they refuse to do exactly as I please I strike fear in the heart of destiny And exacerbate the effects of my social entropy And I strike fear in my acquaintances Just to find out what, just to find out what my reputation really is And in the land of the idiot-blind the suicide is king For a day until someone else describes what they see Just as persuasively I strike fear in the ones I love Just to see the kind of stuff they are made of I strike fear in the hearts of friends And if you're not careful I might do it again Just to find out what, just to find out what the fragrance is Of holding on tight, yes holding on tight to the goodwill I have spent
Oh what a heavenly creation! (that) brings me direct, select to you.. doesn't need no perfect-ations! doesn't need to be confused! suffer from any degredation! any manner of abuse! Oh what a heavenly creation! That brings me straight to you! A new cape canaveral (international) space! stay-!tion! My ambulance, my parachute! Wish that every temptation, could be put to some greater use? So far a spark from a Saturn star... And it behoves me to notice, All of the things I contain without you... And at the expense of my focus, to get where I'm supposed to. I still get where I'm supposed to... If you need a friendly connect-ation, I guess I cannot refuse? If you want out of obfuscation, Better get rid of that excuse. Streaming Maglev around my temples, Straight up into the sky, There's no need for a Duopolis, If I can occupy your mind. Lack ten for that self control, teammates on the honor roll. Grab the camera phone patrol, A hex upon a parent's soul.
And if you need a place to drain Just look at the mailbox and don’t refrain Cuz' every light-rider feel the shame Of making every day the same In such a way the heartbeats triple Would that it were so simple Would that it were oh so simple...
Nobody cares about the days after Christmas, Except for me and you. And everybody needs someone they can rely on, To see them the holidays through. All these sales and bargains I simply can't ignore I've been shopping since Thanksgiving so why not shop a little more ‘Cause nobody cares about the days after Christmas, Except for an indignant few Who appreciate the calm before the storm of the New Year, To cross off the list of their to-dos. There’s bound to be some new Star Wars movie we can see Or what shouldn’t win an Oscar but will end up with nineteen Because nobody cares!… So from my less than picture perfect family to yours For every hallucination on our front lawns and our stores— Please think of the needs of others if you need something to do and Here’s to starting over between everyone and you. Because nobody, Nobody and no one... Yes, nobody cares about the days after Christmas, Except for muslims, atheists, and Jews And poor uptights who insist way all say “Merry Christmas” Without other holidays confused! To the point where no one’s even all that grateful, just bemused. Anyway, Happy Saturnalia from Matt DeMello & the Significant Looks!
United forever in friendship and labour Our shared sense of respect will ever endure The way that I love you will live through the ages The dream of a neighborhood, our pronouns secure Long live our bodies' cozy vibes By combining all our leisure time Long live our families, so chosen and free Strong in our friendships, tried by fire Long may our solidarity inspire Shining in glory for the whole world to see We fight for the future, destroy all investors And bring to our home towns the laurels of same Our glory will live in the memory of nations And all generations will honor our name...


Cassandra Abandoned I & II:
Not a kind, but a kind-of solstice celebration.

"A wild ride." - Caroline McKenzie, beth gripps glower hour episode eleven.

To my brother Joel, who is always the most supportive of me at my least apologetic.

And in loving memory of Doris Beauregard, a real hip-slinger, who took no shit from anyone (lol let alone me) and believed in sitting in the front row of any performance so she could "see the sweat on their faces." I love and miss you more than ever. Also you'd be super pissed that I dedicated a 2xLP with a riff on the Soviet National Anthem on it to you... if you were alive. But I bet you're proud of my rotten self anyway. So there. 1922-2006


released December 31, 2021

"Safe, Antony; Brutus is safe enough:
I dare assure thee that no enemy
Shall ever take alive the noble Brutus:
The gods defend him from so great a shame!
When you do find him, or alive or dead,
He will be found like Brutus, like himself."

- William Shakespeare by Julius Caesar, Act 9, Sc. 11; MCMLXXIII

All music, lyrics, performances, and field recordings by Matthew DeMello except: Track 1, '"Rudolf" is her dead name (Santa Rebuked)/Everybody Knows This[, The People's Democratic Republican Archipelego of Misfit Toys] is Home, music by Matthew DeMello, lyrics by Matthew DeMello & Jennifer Nordmark. Track 2 'Ultimate Bounty, No.1: Headvoices' (all sections throughout), music by John Alexander Busi, Jesse Ferland, Matthew DeMello, & Andrew 'Roo' O'Donnell, bass by JohnAlexander Busi, trumpets and drums by Andrew O'Donnell, Frooty Loops tracks by Jesse Ferland, guitar solos by Davis Fillmore, vox by DJ Craig Finn-Manuel Miranda; backing vocals on Track 2 'Ultimate Bounty, No.1: Headvoices, E. Hic Sunt Dracones, III. Escapist's Finale' and Track 11 '(Nobody Cares About) The Days After Christmas' by Liz Wagner Biro and Amanda O'Keefe; Track 6 'Strike Fear', bass by John Alexander Busi and drums by Andrew 'Roo' O'Donnell; Track 7 'Duopolis' Music by NOEX Beats and Matthew DeMello; Track 10 'Ultimate Bounty, No. 4: Headvoice, A. The Tiger & the Goat (ft. Joseph Campbell & The Golden Gate Bridge)', lyrics by Joseph Campbell; Track 11 '(Nobody Cares About) The Days After Christmas' music and lyrics by Matthew DeMello and Jennifer Nordmark; Track 12 'A Solstice Performance of John Cage's 4'33" music by John Cage; Track 13 'All I Ask of You', music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Tim Rice; Track 14 'Family Christmas...' music by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, English translation of the lyrics by Paul Robeson, bari sax solo by Stefan Zeniuk.

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Matthew DeMello at The Satellite of Love 2.0 between September 1st, 2014 and December 31st (some bonus tracking of guitar on track 2 until January 3rd, 2022), 2021 except: Live instrumental tracks on Track 2 'Ultimate Bounty, No. 1: Headvoices'. recorded on October 18, 2018, and mixed by Alex Busi at NEWSPACEAUDIO in Queens, NY, December 15-23rd, 2021 with performances on bass by John Alexander Busi and drums by Andrew 'Roo' O'Donnell; Frooty Loops tracks on Track 2 'Ultimate Bounty, No. 1: Headvoices, A. On Public Transportation' performed, recorded, and mixed by Jesse Ferland est. September 2019; instrumental tracks on Track 2 'Ultimate Bounty, No. 1: Headvoices, C. Hic Sunt Dracones, II. 1 Thing (I Guess It All Depends...)' performed and recorded by Matthew DeMello at Quinnipiac University October 2008; Track 3 'Ultimate Bounty, No. 2: Camelot Snowplowing, LLC - First Movement, Gospel of a New St. Paul; Sections A-E' recorded by Matthew DeMello at Oak Hill Studios in Lincoln, RI on January 16, 2021, mixed by Matthew DeMello between March 7th- December 31st, 2021 at The Satellite of Love 2.0; Track 7 'Duopolis' instrumental tracks recorded by NOEX Beats; Track 14 'Anarchic Variations on an Excerpt from the 1944 Version of the State Anthem of the Soviet Union' instrumental tracks performed, recorded and mixed by Mickey Blurr est. October 2020. Cover art by god knows who, cover art design and layout by Matthew DeMello.

Special thanks: All my collaborators on this project - Busi, NOEX Beats, Roo, Jesse, Mickey Blurr, the love of my life Jennifer Nordmark, Zeus "The Director" Springstein, and the Former Soviet Union. John Cage, ALW, Time Rice, the Joseph Campbell estate/Foundation, and the Former Soviet Union especially for permission to use their songs/recordings/work. Liz Wagner Biro and Amanda O'Keefe for their backing vocals and probably just found out this album even exists (sorry). Incentive/James Osborne for all his help getting my sh*t together this year. Comic Sans Tiberian Orchestra - my many thanks for YOUR contributions. My family (Joel, Laura, Mom, Dad, Zoey, Isla, Tom, Margot, Shannon, Tim), my new family: (Hi Russ, Jane, Taylor, and Noah!), Brian Wilson (the cat), and Brian Wilson (the human). Donna and Glenn, for all the old James Bond in the Man Cave days - you can hear OHMSS theme in "Escapist's Finale". Tim Dillon: I think this album will definitely make me the "Billy Joel of indie rock," as you've always predicted! Better than the Ben Folds of vaporwave, I guess. On that note: Everyone on Bandcamp Twitter who has been so supportive the last few years: Jim/TAXXESS, NOEX, Incentive/James Osborne, Pete Murphy, Billy Anderson, Billy Hubbard, Big Lots, Ilya and our bigger family at I<3Noise, Filip and Angie with Z Tapes, Kristos, Mo, J.M. Smig, R. Stevie, SkyTWOHigh, Tom F. Oolery, Alpha Chrome Yayo, TJ Fitzpatrick. The remnants of the 2nd Providence golden age: Volcano Kings, the entire scene surrounding Sgt. Baker and the Clones, omg wtf. Cory Waldron and all his feedback on whatever he heard from the demos, whenever and whatever he heard of them. Everyone on the Advent Aspects, Dream Shore, and Virtual Oasis discords and especially So?ing Machine and Eternal Judge. Louder Than War and Global Texas Chronicle for their eyeballs and attention spans. Emily! My Co-Editorial Director for Life! It wasn't all a dream! Some of it was real? Rob Duguay just for being Rob (also writing up Volcano Kings in projo this month, thankkk youuuu!!!). Everyone who has ever been a part or will be a part of Salieri Records. Glen Keane for giving me a reason for recording part of this in LA, albeit in a cute little airbnb. (Yes, THAT Glen Keane.) Steve "Santa Claus" Vessella (and Kara - lol, Roo...) for showing me what the true "spirit of Christmas" is all about, if you will. Courtney, for not being an actual asshole like the rest of that rotten lot. Of course, the great hominids of the Syndicate Federation of Cornelian Democratic Spheres. Britney, Usher, DJ Abe, Gerry Butler, whoever's left at Zomba. Brett Bracy and Nikola Wild - LCD and Amy Winehouse Summer 2007 forever. The Starship: Alyssa, Tom, and yes even you, Antonio. What a time. Everyone at NWBRV and BVTC. Dani Probably (who is directly responsible for at least one bonus track if not a whole entire vibe)! And finally, the original pilgrims of sound: Ian Cat, Stephen Bailey -- I tried not "trying too hard" on this one, still plenty of notes though... Also thanks to that Uber driver in LA who checked out my music on insta and gave me the deal on local punk. Also everyone who put up with me reissuing this 3 times in a row the week it came out. I can tell you're committed! Ugh god. To Michael Feldstein and Ryan Nicholsen: your friendships mean the world to me. Oh and thanks to Jody Stephens for giving me a tour of the womb for the greatest Christmas song and album ever made. 10-15-14<3


all rights reserved


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