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"Rudolph" is her dead name (to begin with) / Everyone Knows This​[​, the People's Democratic Republican Archipelego of Misfit Toys] is in fact, Home.

from Cassandra Abandoned, I & II [Marion's Version] by Matt DeMello



Time now for a tale a thousand years old,
But still not quite the one you've been told,
So children gather round to hear it told the right way!

Christmas Eve a dark and stormy night,
Santa and his reindeer cannot fly,
Without the help of someone,
But Rudolf wasn't her name ...

Look at who was not looking
For noses that are not brown.
Now look what your forecast's cooking,
A black cloud is coming to town...
The reason you're all milk & cookies
and never a thorny crown
is it doesn't matter which Dr. Seuss sits on the shelf
when the gospel says "Fend for yourself"
everywhere else.

Cry of Cassandra in the night,
knowing two wrongs can't make it right.

Now I wasn't born here to comfort or cajole,
just ask why the entire north pole
never told you so.

Cry of Cassandra in the night,
knowing that something can't be right.
When the lesson with any learning curve
is the same one as getting what you deserve,
and takes as many times as it takes to learn:

There's no prize in the race for first,
worth the fire that makes us thirst,
for the garbage we're convinced we need the most.
And in the words of the holiest ghost,
"Life's just a crossword for the blind:
You're not supposed to get it right, or even try;
'cuz money might buy you love but it can't buy us time"


from Cassandra Abandoned, I & II [Marion's Version], released December 31, 2021
e piano, vox, soundscapes - Matt DeMello
lyrical assistance - Jennifer Nordmark


all rights reserved


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