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A Tension's Deficit​/​All​-​State Firing Squad

from Confetti in a Coalmine by Matt DeMello



All is fair in love and war and
and growing past deceit,
Voted Most Dramatic by Neo-Fascists
the agony of defeat,

Placing memories in different kinds of contexts
Childhood no longer esteemed
Take the chance that I'll find some deeper meaning
If I could just pick the right team
For me

Handcuffed, trunk locked, blindfolded down a forest road
Can’t help but grit my teeth,
For all my talent is confetti in a coalmine
In situations like these,
A friendly debate between the headrests in the backseat
Over which mouths are worthy to feed,
Hope that the driver knows that it's a felony
to have all the proof that he needs

Because by the time they know what to do with me
I’ll be digging a shallow grave,
And yes by the time they know what to do with people like me
There'll be nothing to save.

Land of the lugenpresse, slick-haired yes men
Always chosen for the kickball team,
Home of the free to be as big as any asshole
That the comments thread lets you be
About how behind every participation trophy case
Is an AR-15,
Aiming at a bottle of prescription amphetamines
Trying so hard not to make a scene

Because violence as love will always pay dividends
On the lacking honesty we all feel,
at the respect for our intelligence shown by
those who decide what we should think is real--

Of a kind from the bowels of history
From the way we all smile and nod,
At always ending up beholding the mystery
of that pearly white, all-State firing squad.


from Confetti in a Coalmine, released July 29, 2022
Electric guitar and all vocals recorded and engineered by Matthew DeMello at Satellite of Love 2.0, September 3rd-5th, 2020.
Piano, acoustic guitar, and harmonica recorded and engineered by John Alexander Busi at NEWSPACE Audio, October 19th, 2020.


all rights reserved


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